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About Waterproof Flooring
At DW Interiors, we have several types of waterproof flooring that are perfect for your next home renovation project. Waterproof flooring is ultra versatile and comes in a multitude of colors, styles, and grain variations. Not sure what to do with your floor? Then, come over to our Van Nuys, CA showroom and find out why waterproof flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for home renovation.
Waterproofed laminate flooring is available in wood plastic (WPC), composite and waterproof core, to name but a few options. This engineered wooden waterproof flooring, which is natural wood manufactured using the latest modern technological advances in the industry, offers homeowners both a durable and visually appealing flooring.

Ease of Decor Change

Waterproof flooring provides homeowners with the possibility of re-sanding and refinishing their selected flooring. Unlike traditional wooden floors, you can update the look of your waterproof flooring in the future. Renew the style and change the feel of your flooring whenever you want!
Perfect for Families

Thicker waterproof flooring planks are an outstanding option for families that have active young children and pets. When compared to the thinner and medium flooring versions, thicker flooring can be refinished even more often, since it is remarkably sturdy.
Easy Maintenance

Unsurprisingly, specialty engineered waterproof flooring boards are easy to maintain. Their strong lamination protects against dirt, dust, scratches and even moisture and chemical spills, all without affecting their natural look.
Ideal for Busy Households

Waterproof flooring boards are the ideal choice for large or busy households, since they require low maintenance and can quickly be refinished.
Since waterproof flooring is a specially engineered product, DW Interiors flooring specialists advise homeowners to have it professionally installed. Homeowners, if you're not quite sure who to call for installation services, call us! At DW Interiors, we can answer all of your flooring and installation questions.

At DW Interiors, we carry waterproof flooring from many manufacturers including the COREtec, Mannington, Armstrong, Mohawk, and ProTek brands. With hundreds of quality styles and colors available, we're confident that DW Interiors will have the perfect waterproof flooring to meet your decor and performance needs. Please visit our showroom to discuss what waterproof flooring you're interested in purchasing with our flooring experts.

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